The sPLC-DIO36 is an innovative Control and Management Platform for IIoT, the Industry Internet of Things. The device offers 18 digital inputs and outputs each, two RS-232 interfaces, and two RS-485 interfaces for integration of different sensors and actors. Multiple CoSynth sPLC modules can be networked across an IP network, thereby exchanging sensor and control data. The sPLC devices are a networkable replacement for classic PLCs and turns every control into an IIoT device in no time at all.

The sPLC devices provide a browser-based GUI via their network interface. The GUI allows to configure the logical relations of inputs and outputs and provides for realtime monitoring of the control states. An optional SD card can be used for logging all actions of the control for long-term monitoring. The short cycle time of the device (< 1 ms) ensures that changes at the inputs are processed in real-time.

Technical data: