Sep 1, 2011

System Level Design Tutorial at FDL 2011

At this year's FDL, CoSynth will host a three hours tutorial on System Level Design. The workshop will present general advantages of this new paradigm, as well as practical insights based on the CoSynth Synthesizer tool.

The conference is this year located in Oldenburg, from 13th to 15th of September. On Tuesday, September 13th, the three hours workshop will take place. It will focus on the general requirements and main advantages of C++ and SystemC based design processes. The second part will detail on pratical topics of system level design. As a running example, a video filter IP core is developed. Using the development tools of CoSynth, all steps of the process are explained. Modelling is based on SystemC together with CoSynth's modelling library OSSS. It facilitates the design and integration of hardware specific components. The whole design is synthesized into a VHDL IP core using the CoSynth Synthesizer. This module is finally integrated into the FPGA platform carrying also the camera and monitor interfaces.

The workshop is included in the conference fee. Tutorials, workshops and presentations about System Level Design and High Level Synthesis are available on request.