CoSynth I4IoT Platform, Controller for Industrial Internet of Things as replacement of PLC devices, industrial controllers with webinterface

I4IoT is CoSynth's product platform for IIoT, the Industrial Internet of Things. I4IoT provides a flexible automation platform, combining process management and visualization in one device.

Use of modern web technology enables flexible adaption to any project szenario. Programming and visualization is done via web browser. Current Web APIs such as AJAX and REST allow for easy integration into existing SCADA systems and management dashboards. As a network centric control solution multiple I4IoT modules can be connected via an IP network for exchange of sensor and control data among the devices.

I4IoT sPLC-DIO36 is the first product of this series. It can be easily integrated into existing installations and provides often-used field bus interfaces and 18 discrete 24V I/Os. Due to the flexibility of the I/Os I4IoT modules can be used in many application areas replacing classical PLCs and integrating control, surveillance, and management systems.

The I4IoT platform can be easily adapted both at software and hardware side to fit specific project requirements. I4IoT devices provide automation capabilities for application domains such as industrial automation, renewable energies, transportation, and house automation.