Design Service

We offer design services and consultancies for the development of FPGAs and ASICs, virtual prototypes, and co-simulations of Embedded Systems. The services are based on a novel, innovative and unique technology and methodology. This guarantees very efficient, fast and less error prone HW/SW development. Design times are reduced to less than a quarter of nowadays commonly used design processes. This holds especially for the conversion of existing software solutions into hardware accelerated embedded systems. Applications domains are computing intensive tasks such as image manipulation and object recognition in automotive industry, industrial automation, aerospace, and medical electronics.

CoSynth offers the following services and consultancies:

  • Development of FPGA and ASIC designs
    • Hardware accelerators
    • System on chip
    • PCB design
  • Virtual prototyping and co-simulations (SystemC, Matlab/Simulink, VHDL, Verilog)
  • Development of embedded software (e.g. Firmware, RTOS)
  • Consulting and training in SystemC, TLM, and ESL design flows
The design process starts with a virtual prototype of the system. Using a dedicated simulation library, hardware and software are modeled timing accurately simulated in C++ and SystemC. CoSynth’s own high level synthesis tool generates the VHDL hardware description from the model as well as the interfaces between hardware and software.